The goals of the Association are:

  •   Encourage and promote the breeding of the Morgan Horse
  •   Showing the breed in-hand
  •   Use of Morgan horses as versatile Pleasure Horse
  •   Preservation of the true foundation Morgan horse, the one that can compete in the show ring and be a great all-purpose family horse at the same time, both Morgans and Part Morgan horses and ponies, are promoted by this association.

The MHANZ (Inc) was created to provide a Registry for Morgan Horses which is open to ALL Morgans and Part Morgans, regardless of colour or markings. The goal of the MHANZ (Inc) for both Morgans and Part Morgansis to keep a full record of all lines and outcrossings, including their performance records. The association places a strong emphasis on the sport, western, and pleasure use of the Morgan, including activities such as dressage and combined training and in-hand exhibition of the breed.

Part Morgans must have at least 50% Morgan Blood, that being from one Morgan parent. Outcrosses to any breed are acceptable.

The typical Morgan stands between 14 and 15.2 hands, with a strong muscular body, substantial bone, and outstanding endurance. All colours are allowed.

A Morgan has a good rapid walk, smooth canter, and excellent trot. Gaits are athletic, smooth and flowing, with no tendency to wing or paddle. Some Morgans have an additional gait known as the single-foot, that is unsurpassed for extended rides in rough country.

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