The New Zealand Morgan Horse Association welcomes Morgan Owners and Enthusiasts to become members of our Association.

Membership is available in the following levels:

  • Family                   $40.00
  • Single                    $30.00
  • Junior                    $20.00   (Under 18 years)
  • Associate               $25.00 + postage  (For Members living outside N.Z - Newsletter Only)

    Membersip Subs are due each year from the beginning of January. Download the membership form from here.

    Benefits of Membership include:

    Information Pack - All new members will receive an information pack which includes general information about the Morgan Horse in New Zealand and overseas.

    Printed Newsletter - All members will receive a copy of all newletters in the mail. These newsletters include stories from members, relevant committee and Association News and updates about the Morgan Horse in New Zealand. Members can submit stories to the Newletter Editor at any time for inclusion. Newsletters are published quarterly. These magazines can aslo be downloaded via the website by Association Members only.

    Discounted Entry to Shows - Members of the NZ Morgan Horse Association will enjoy discounted entry to all Morgan Horse Association Official Shows.

    Members Only Website Content - Member of the Association will enjoy access to more information via the website that is not available to website visitors.

    Voting Priviledges - Members have the opportunity to have a voice on the future of Morgan and Part Morgan Horses in New Zealand by being able to vote on all areas of Association business at meetings and AGM's.

    Free Classifieds - Our website offers free classified advertising for members which includes the ability to add photos.

    Farm Finder - If you breed Morgan or Part Morgan Horses or you offer services to interested people then members can participate in our Farm Finder service. Listings appear on our website.

    Education - There are a number of Morgan Breeders throughout the country that are willing to offer their advice, expertise and assistance to other Morgan enthusiasts. These people are happy to answer your questions or assist you in finding any Morgan related Information you may require. Questions can also be asked on our Forum.

    Members List - Association Members are able to access and download the members list from the website. This is not available to the general public or to website visitors.

    If you would like to become a member of our Association please complete the membership form which you can download from here.

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