Fox Brush Custom Design
Australian Tom Quilty Endurance Ride

The Promotion of the Morgan Breed is in good hooves.
For the first time in the history of the Australian Tom Quilty Endurance Ride a Purebred Morgan Mare has qualified to compete in Australia's Premier Endurance Ride.
The Tom Quilty will be held at Kilkivan on the 7,8 & 9th of June 2013, it is an 160km (100miles) event, that is held in a different Australian state each year; 2013 is the turn of Queensland.

Fox Brush Custom Design or “Rikki” as she is fondly known is an exemplary Morgan, her life has spanned two continents and pays tribute to a loyal and trusting friendship across the miles. A Morgan amongst Morgans Rikki brings to the Quilty some extraordinary bloodlines, Rik is the daughter of two of the only nine Morgans who have earned the elite and demanding American Morgan Horse Association Sport Horse Award, Bowood Elusiv Dream(dam) and Funquest Erick (sire).

Thoughtfully bred by Maryann Schafer, Rikki is custom bred for performance from Morgans truly representing two extraordinary sport horse bloodlines she is a mare designed for paramount performance and carrier of supreme genetic power. 

Good looks and good breeding are however only part of the success story of Rikki, so much more is involved in the journey of Rik to the Quilty. Maryann Schafer trained and rode Rik in the USA in Competitive Trail Riding, Endurance and Combined Driving achieving notable performances. Since being exported to Australia to the loving care of Diane Howard of Wirraway Sport Morgans, Rikki has bred some extraordinary foals, competed in Harness and led Classes and now resumed her Endurance career. In Australian Endurance Rik has been ridden by Diane Howard and Laura Axsentieff all the time being monitored and nurtured by Ace Strapper Jock Howard. Fox Brush Custom Design is the product of a truly proud team journey of Morgan lovers all equally deserving of credit.

The Motto of Endurance is “To Complete is to Win”, to qualify for the Tom Quilty completion criteria must be met, Fox Brush Custom Design has done that and then some. Rikki returned to endurance in 2012 to become Australia’s first Open Morgan Endurance Horse! Rikki finished all 7 of her endurance rides in 2012 with 100% completion status and a 3rd in the 2012 AERA Championships in November. In 2013 Rikki has maintained her 100% completion status a commendable achievement for any horse but exceptional for a 14 year old mare, but then Rikki is a Morgan.

Endurance is a sport dominated by the Arabian breed pure and part-bred, all usually much younger and taller than Rikki. Morgans are resilient and brave and Rikki is willing and able to do her Morgan breeding proud.

Contentedly ensconced at the Quilty grounds in Kilkivan, Rikki and rider Laura Axsentieff both first time Quilty participants are excitedly waiting for Friday midnight. We invite to follow Rikki and Team Wirraway on their Quilty Quest on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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