Little Valley Farm - Waikato


 Best Presented Part Morgan– not eligible for Champion and Reserve

1         Kaycee Mirage & Kerrie Carter

2         Mt Tulloch Royal Legend & Yvonne Weal

3         Gaye Lady & Natalie Jamieson



 2 or 3 year old filly or gelding, and under at maturity 

  1.          Tui’s Tinkerbelle

  2.          Kaycee Magnum

  3.          Kaycee Comet



Champion Part Morgan Young Stock

  • Tui’s Tia Maria

Reserve Champion Part Morgan Young Stock

  • Tui’s Tinkerbelle

 Mare 4 yrs & over – 148cms & under. 

  1.          Kaycee Mirage

  2.          Tui’s Mardi Gras

  3.          Kaycee Mariah

 Mare 4 yrs & over – over 148cms. 

  1.          Tui’s Fiesta

  2.          Glentruin Tallulah

  3.          Tui’s Midnight Rhapsody



Champion Part Morgan Mare

  • Kaycee Mirage

Reserve Champion Part Morgan Mare

  • Tui’s Fiesta


Gelding, over 3 years, over 

  1.        Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

  2.        Secret Cochaise 

Champion & Reserve Champion Part Morgan Adult Gelding 

Champion Part Morgan Adult Gelding

  • Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

Reserve Champion Part Morgan Adult Gelding

  • Secret Cochaise


Supreme Champion Part Morgan 

Supreme Champion Part Morgan

  • Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

 Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

Mt Tulloch Royal Legend with Yvonne Weal



Best Presented Purebred – not eligible for Champion and Reserve. 

  1.          Tui’s Monique & Gina Millar

  2.          Tui’s Oklahoma Song & Marilyn Thompson

  3.          Tui’s Angela & Peter Cameron



Mare – 4 to 12 years. 

  1.       Tui’s Angela

  2.       Tui’s Monique 


Mare – over 12 years 

  1.          Tui’s Oklahoma Song
  2.          JMF Beam Song
Supreme Champion Female Morgan

 Tui's Angela

Supreme Champion Female Morgan

  • Tui’s Angela




Gelding—4 years & over. 

1         Glentruin Tristan 

2         Fairose Casino



Glentruin Tristan

Supreme Champion Morgan Gelding

  • Glentruin Tristan  




Stallion - 4 years to 12 years. 

1         Tredway Aristocrat 



 Tredway Aristocrat

Supreme Champion Morgan Stallion

  • Tredway Aristocrat





Get of Sire – 2 or more progeny of one sire (only name of sire required)

 Get of Sire

  1.          JMF Royal Secret

  2.          Tui’s Nimrod

  3.          Tui’s Theme Song



Morab mare or gelding, any age. 

1         Kaycee Mirage


Best movement. 

  1.          Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

  2.          Tui’s Angela

  3.          Tredway Aristocrat 


Sport Horse suitability — 4 yrs & under, to mature over 148cms 

  1.          Glentruin Tristan

  2.          Glentruin Tallulah

  3.          Tui’s Midnight Rhapsody 


Pony Club suitability—148cm & under.          

  1.          Kaycee Mariah                                             

  2.          Tui’s Monique

  3.          Moonlight Secret



Adult Showmanship 

  1.          Yvonne Weal – Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

  2.          Kerrie Carter – Kaycee ?

  3.          AJ Trotter - Glentruin Tristan



Junior Showmanship—17 yrs & under. 

  1.          Gina Millar – Tui’s Monique
  2.          Marissa MacDonald – Kaycee Mirage
  3.          Portia Matthews - Moonlight Secret           Kaycee Mirage




Purebred ridden Morgan 

  1.          Tui’s Monique

  2.          JMF Beam Song

  3.          Glentruin Tristan      


Part Morgan – Over 148cm 

  1.          Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

  2.          Tui’s Midnight Rhapsody

  3.          Glentruin Tallulah 


Part Morgan – 148cm & Under 

  1.          Kaycee Mirage 

  2.          Kaycee Mariah

  3.          Tui’s Mardi Gras




Mt Tulloch Royal Legend


Champion Under Saddle

  • Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

Reserve Champion Under Saddle

  • Kaycee Mirage


Paced & Mannered Morgan or Part Morgan—over 148cms. 

  1.          Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

  2.          JMF Beam Song 


Paced & Mannered Morgan or Part Morgan, 148cms & under.    Kaycee Mariah 

  1.          Kaycee Mariah

  2.          Kaycee Mirage

  3.          Moonlight Secret



Senior Rider 

  1.          Charlotte Moss – Kaycee Mariah

  2.          Yvonne Weal – Mt Tulloch Royal Legend

  3.          Abbie Malins – Secret Fantasy



Junior Rider (17 yrs & under) 

  1.          Kenya Kinley – Kaycee Mirage

  2.          Natalie Jamieson - Gaye Lady

  3.          Portia Matthews - Moonlight Secret



Walk, Trot, Canter & Jump 

  1.          Mt Tulloch Royal Legend 

  2.          Moonlight Secret

  3.          Tui’s Mardi Gras 


Showhunter   70 cm 

  1.          Glentruin Tallulah

  2.          Moonlight Secret

  3.          Glentruin Tristan                                                                                                          


Showhunter   80 cm

  1.          Secret Fantasy

  2.          Moonlight Secret

  3.          Fairose Casino 


Show jumping   TAM 3. 90cm 

1         Secret Fantasy 


41   Show jumping   Accumulator. 

1         Secret Fantasy 


Trotting Race 

1         Glentruin Tristan 

2         Secrets Cochise 

3         Fairose Casino 



First Level test 1.1 2000 

1         Mt Tulloch Royal Legend 

2         Kaycee Mariah 

3         Kaycee Mirage 


First Level test 1.5 2007 

1         Kaycee Mariah 

2         Mt Tulloch Royal Legend 





166877         Fairose Casino                                      Tuatahi Song x Myross Morgans Maanu 

0122762       JMF Beam Song                                    Whispering High Beam x TS Atlantics Ebony 

0/096/06       Glentruin Tristan                                    Karenza Kingpin x Okan Missed Easter 

156947         Tredway Aristocrat                                 Willo Pond Joshua x UVM Katrina 

0170819       Tui’s Angela                                            Tui’s Theme Song x Tui’s Montana 

0161578       Tui’s Monique                                         Karenza Meltemi x Tui’s Secret Song 

0140325       Tui’s Oklahoma Song                           JMF Royal Secret x JMF Beam Song



Part Morgans 

1/232/06           Spirit Of Liberty                                 Twinhill Elijah x Paramount Lady 

1/254/07           Glentruin Tallulah                                Karenza Kingpin x Tara 

1/268/07           Kaycee Comet                                      Tui’s Evensong x Vee 

1/252/08           Kaycee Magnum                                  Tui’s Evensong x Greenlee Modern Millie 

1/241/05           Kaycee Mariah                                      Tui’s Nimrod x Greenlee Modern Millie 

M1/169/01        Kaycee Mirage                                      Tui’s Nimrod x High Tail It 

Unregistered   Moonlight Secret                                  JMF Royal Secret x Grey Bo 

1/194/03           Mt Tulloch Royal Legend                    JMF Royal Secret x Star 

1/221/05           Secret Fantasy                                     Tuatahi Song x Promise 

1/229/03           Secret’s Cochise                                 JMF Royal Secret x Cherokee 

1/066/95           Tui’s Fiesta                                           Tuatahi Song x Linden Festival 

1/068/96           Tui’s Mardigras                                    Tuatahi Song x Linden Festival 

Unregistered   Tui’s Midnight Rhapsody                         Tui’s Theme Song x Suzie 

2/273/09           Tui’s Tia Maria                                      Tui’s Evensong x Tui’s Cinnamon Schnapps 

2/272/08           Tui’s Tinkerbelle                                  Tredway Aristocrat x Tui’s Nikau Pixie 



Show Sponsors.   Including those who have donated trophies. 


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  • tredway aristocrat
  • Tuis Oklahoma Song
  • kaycee mirage2
  • mt tulloch royal legend