Join the New Zealand Morgan's Trailblazers!

NZ Morgan TrailblazersWhether you enjoy riding, training, or working the farm with your Morgan or Part Morgan, your time counts in the NZ Trailblazer's program.

As a trailblazer member you are one of the breed's best representatives, promoting the suitability for any job, be it at work or play. In the Trailblazers you are recognised for the time you spend riding or driving your Morgan or Part Morgan in a non-competitive setting. If you enjoy your Morgan or Part Morgan this way, the NZ Morgan Trailblazers Program was designed for you.

Who can Join?

Trailblazer is open to anyone who rides or drives their Morgan or Part Morgan in a non-competitive setting. You must be a MHANZ member and pay an individual lifetime recording fee of $45.00

Hours that can be Included

Time spent riding or driving your Morgan or Part Morgan in a non-competitive setting can be recognised including:

  • Pleasure Trail Rides
  • Training/Lesson Time
  • Pony Club Rallies
  • Adult Riding Club Rallies
  • Time on non-competitive group trail rides or drives
  • Time spent conditioning, working or enjoying Morgan's and Part Morgan's under saddle or driving.

Hours NOT included

Time spent Showing, Grooming and on Competitive Rides or time spent at exhibitions or shows are not included.


New Members will receive a welcome pack followed by special certificates,  as you reach the different award levels, plus the chance to receive prizes the higher you get in the programm.

Award Levels

75 hours          150 hours          300 hours          600 hours

1000 hours       2500 hours        5000 hours         7500 hours       10,000 hours


    1. Horses must be registered Morgan's or Part Morgan's
    2. Riders must be a MHANZ member for each year hours are logged.
    3. A one time enrolment fee of $45.00 to be paid.
    4. The Morgan/Part Morgan's registered name and number must be included on the log sheet.
    5. Once you are registered in the program, there is no time limit to achieve award hours.
    6. More than one Morgan/Part Morgan can be ridden or driven to achieve overall hours.
    7. Awards are based on hours logged.


    For more information please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    A copy of the Membership Application Form can be found here.

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