Tinkerbell's Team

Windrush Tinkerbell MHANZ: 1/158/01 (JMF Royal Secret x Demelsa) came back to Windrush in 2012 after a spell of 4 years when her owner became unwell and was no longer able to ride her.

She was ridden on the farm for a couple of months and  then there was an article in the newspaper about the build up to the World Mounted Games at the 2013 HOY and the fact they were training up loan ponies.

 Pick Me!

The organiser for the Games was phoned and asked if she would like to trial Tinkerbell.

The answer was yes so she was taken on by one of the competitors, Emma Wiltshire.

Early on she showed lots of promise, she was quick to learn, fast and very keen.

Emma and Tinkerbell went on to win the under 17 individual competition in Oct. 2012 at Ohingaiti, a training class and the under 17 pairs competition at the Manawatu Show.  

Emma continued to expertly train her up for the Worlds at the HOY.  



 Quentin Voeltzel


Tinkerbell was eventually selected to be ridden by the French rider Quentin Voeltzel (world premier rider for the mounted Games).

Two other teams had tried her out but found they could not handle her! Quentin loved her from the start and said she was like ring a jet! And when he did the Speed Weaver competition it was like skiing zee Slalom.

The French team came 5th out of a total of 10 teams. NZ won. It was a sizzling competition. The French were disappointed as they were the top team.

When it was time to say goodbye to Tinkerbell, Quentin had tears in his eyes! With her good Morgan looks and temperament, she had by this time built up quite a fan club.

She will continue to be ridden by Emma for at least another year.

Deb Helmore

Emma Wiltshire


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